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• STT-100

• Low Frequency Stimulation
Unit For One Person
• STT-100 has 2 outputs with
2 channels of pads and 2
channels of suction cups and
1 type of TENS and 2 types of
EST wave forms. 6 types of pre- programmed treatment pattern

• STT-300

• Low Frequency Therapy for treatment Two Person.
• STT-300 has two outputs and each output operates independently. One output provides 4 channels for treatment using a suction cup. The other output has 3 poles for treatment using a pad.

• STN-100

• Intra Muscle Stimulator
• To realize the best efficiency of an Electro acupuncture, STN-100 uses dual directional and asymmetrical square spike pulse.

• ST-10A

• 1M Ultrasound Therapy
• Improve blood circulation
• Increase reproduction ability of cell tissues
• Effect nerve systems
• Effect muscle relaxation
• Facilitate absorption process
• Effect muscles in physical and chemical manners

• ST-50L

• UR Laser + Ultrasound Therapy
• Irradiates LASER and Generates Ultrasound simultaneously.
• Synergy effect in treatment rather than Ultrasound Only.
• Ergonomic design and Lightweight head help therapist's toil.
• Vibration of head.(StraTek Patent)
• Two Heads

• STL-300

• Diode + IR Laser Therapy
• Highly edged and Digitalized Acupuncture LASER system effective against the diverse muscle pains.
• High-end LASER Therapy machine STL-300 that was developed after long research provides the feeling of treatment. It is suitable for treatment of the diverse coetaneous disorders and muscle pains.

• STL-100 (Laser Therapy)

• Highly edged Digital Therapy machine effective against the
diverse cutaneous disorders and muscle pains.
• STL-100 is not only reactivating vital histology and metabolism but reinforces the immunologic function.
• This equipment is suitable for mitigation of sharp pain by stimulating an immunologic system and hastening the vital histology without destroying a cell.
• Delivers 2 watts of energy to provide the feeling of treatment to a patient.
• More compatible with hand piece tips and LCD display panel.
• STL-100 has functions as following
- Anti-inflammatory
- Improve Blood Circulatory
- Mitigation of sharp pain

• STL-1000Q (nd:YAG Laser)

• Q-Switched ND;YAG LASER System, STL-1000Q that was developed after long research is a Laser Surgical Units suitable for coetaneous disorder and plastic surgery as well.
• Dual wavelength for a variety of applications
• High energy for fast and effective treatment
• Compact and mobile
• Cost efficient
• Proven reliability
• Including aiming beam

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