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• MCA6100

• High frequency inverter system
• Image intensifier with high brightness and high resolution
• Compact design, smooth maneuverability
• Fully counterbalanced C-ARM moves smoothly
• Microprocessor control

• MCA9100

• True Digital C-ARM X-Ray system
• The perfect solution in mobile C-ARM
• Excellent imaging at an affordable price
• The most comprehensive solutions in mobile C-ARM system
• Digital revolution in mobile C-ARM with digital technology



• KMC650

• Affordable Surgical C-ARM
• Laser marking device
• Snap Shot
• One touch locking
• 16, 64 frame imaging memory
• Big sized diameter C-ARM

• KMC950

• High performance surgical C-ARM
• High power output with 12.5kw high performance Rotating X-Ray tube
• Snap Shot
• Laser marking device
• Anatomical programming radiography
• 64 frame memory


• HF310

• Programmable user control
• Self Analysis
• Superior Imaging
• Multiple Microprocessor
• Display panel with LCD
• Ceiling suspended, Wall Bucky, PSU

• HF750/525/325

• High frequency type radiology system
• Versatile and excellent radiology system for whole parts of body
• Convenient control system with APR option
• Control panel of latest model
• Compact size of all style
• User convenience soft touch with LCD


• MX-600

• Stable output by the inverter system
• Full AEC Mode (Auto kV)
• Auto standard exposure positioning ASP)
• MICOM Control compression system
• Auto release compression after exposure
• High performance dual focus system
• Highly sensitive fiber grid bucky device
• 19 step density control
• 5 precise collimation formats

• MXR-200M

• High frequency inverter system
• High heat capacity with rotation anode
• Large capacity, Small focal points X-Ray tube
• Minimized installation space
• Auto control functions for user convenience and safety
• Auto vertical control and auto exposure control
• Flat control panel for smooth operation


• PX-100CLK

• Lightest weight Mobile X-RAY
• Maneuverability with specially designed
• wheel for optimum friction coefficient
• High efficiency with mono tank HFG
• Easy radiographic positioning
• Specially designed gel-type battery
• Expected 150 exposures at a single charge
• 3 state user programmable function

• PX-40HF

• Light weight & High Power (2.4kW)
• High frequency enerator(100kV/35mA) • Auto-line voltage compensation makes output
• Flat touch panel digital display
• Eight exposure memory in PROM
• Toggle switch for LED read-out reverse

• PX-20HF

• Absolute solution of portable X-Ray
• 7 Segment LED read-out reversible
• Four exposure data storable
• Ultra light weight
• Laser-pointer equipped as standard
• Scale measure for SID 2 meters
• High frequency(1.6kW) portable unit
• with max.80kV and 20mA


Medical X-Ray Film Processor

• MAX2060
• Automated chemical supply and replenishment
• Fast and Quiet
• Easy maintenance
• Emergency operation function
• Automated chemical level control
• Anti-Oxidation design
• Auto shut-down function

Slim View BOX (Illuminator)

• MediCanvas
• Blue light is more suitable for reading X-Ray films (8,600 Kelvin)
• High frequency CCFL lamp with less eye-fatigue (40,000Hz)
• Excellent light distribution facilitates accurate film reading (Over 90%)
• Advanced CCFL lamp lasts for 20,000 hours
• Slimmest X-Ray film viewer in the market (2.5)

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